“Divergent” movie review

By: Kylie Coffey

STATESBORO, Ga – The excellence of both the plot, based on the book trilogy by Veronica Roth, and the amazing cinematography, at the direction of Neil Burger, propelled “Divergent”to the top-grossing film spot for the box office this past weekend. I can’t comment to the film’s ability to remain streamlined with the plot of Roth’s trilogy of books, but from the perspective of someone who has yet to read the series I thought the character development and storyline of this film were enticing.

One of the main characters; Shailene Woodley, who begins the movie in the abnegation faction under the name Beatrice, better know as “just Tris,” is the protagonist of the film and quite a dynamic character. Woodley, well known for being the main character in the TV series ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager,’ is slated to continue her role as Tris in films for the next two books in the trilogy. One of the other stars of the movie is Theo James, Tris’ love interest who goes by the name of Four. James also played Detective Walter Clark in the TV series “Golden Boy,” in 2013. The last of the three major characters in this film happens to be Kate Winslet, the antagonist of the film and the ringleader of all of the destruction. One of Winslet’s best-known roles is as Rose in the “Titanic.”

The movie took a while to build, which might be the only pitfall of this film, but there was enough intrigue to keep the audience interested. The only real monumental happenings in the first hour of the film were Tris finding out she was a divergent during her faction test, and her choosing to become a part of the dauntless faction, a group of thrill seeking badasses who protect the five factions.

This movie is the ultimate film about finding oneself, and Tris does so from beginning to end. Tris is pushed beyond her comfort zone, when choosing her new faction, and often times her limits are tested to nearly the point of her breaking, but as her mom, played by Ashley Judd says, “There is an art to losing yourself.” I don’t think Tris really lost who she was in switching factions, but rather found who she was meant to be.

This was, by far, one of the better movies I have seen this year. I enjoyed everything from the soundtrack to the flawless directing and cinematography. The level of thought behind each camera angle, each wardrobe choice and hair or makeup style is astounding. The camera angles were a constant reflection of the semblance of power between two characters.

This movie is definitely one that people should consider viewing; it was worth every penny spent on the ticket to view this film. The soundtrack was amazing and enhanced the mood of the film, the dynamic between characters as well as the character development was awe-inspiring, and it is a great film for inspiring women and young girls to be strong, selfless and somewhat independent and strong-willed individuals.


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